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Your little angel will enjoy endless snuggles and imaginary adventures with the cuddly Bashful Beige Bunny Small, designed by Jellycat, the London based soft-toy company specialized in irresistibly soft and quirky animal toy friends.

The Fuddlewuddle Lamb in Medium is the softest, most huggable little lamb and will bring your little creative one endless snuggles and imaginary adventures, designed by the British soft-toy company Jellycat.

Your little one will love the soft feel and bright colors of the Rainbow Pom Pom in Medium from Jellycat. Beans at the bottom allow it to sit upright.Perfect as a gift or as a welcome addition to other Jellycat friends.

Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn from the British toy company Jellycat is always ready for a cuddle and an adventure. Beans at the bottom allow it to sit upright. Perfect as a gift, or a welcome